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Signing up is easy! Simply complete the online form with a team name, captain’s name and phone number as well as all the team members’ names. The roster needs to be submitted before the deadline in order for your team to be considered and finalized by the second game/match. Some of our leagues are “capped” because of field space.

All team sports will be required to pay a $5.00 forfeit fee, unless the director states different. This fee is used to help pay officials and workers when teams cancel from play. If a team does not cancel, the money is returned to the team captain at the end of each semester or can be carried to the following semester.

The Intramural Office must be notified 24 hours in advance of the contest in order for a team not to receive a forfeit.

Teams using an ineligible player or a player under an assumed name shall forfeit that contest.

The Intramural Director, graduate assistants or student supervisors are in charge and have the authority to forfeit a contest for unsportsmanlike conduct.

All students (undergraduate, graduate, full-time and part-time), staff and faculty are eligible to participate. A person can participate for only one team per sport or contest. Within each sport you may participate on a men’s/women’s team and/or a coed team. A person is not allowed on two rosters in the same league. All sports will be open to men’s, women’s and coed teams unless it is impractical due to scheduling, facilities or other concerns. Only players of the same sex may compete in the men or women’s programs respectively.



Flag Football - R, C
Basketball (3v3) - R, C 
Volleyball (4v4) - R, C
Floor Hockey (5v5) - R, C

Basketball (5v5) - R, C
Dodgeball (6v6) - R, C
Soccer (6v6) - R, C
Softball - R, C 

R = Rec,  C = Competitive

* All events are listed on the bulletin board and on the Intramural website.

Intramural activities are played Sundays through Thursdays between the hours of 3:00 pm and 11:00 pm. The times depend on the activity and the space available. Copies of schedules are posted on the bulletin board in the PE Center.

Decisions to postpone a game due to inclement weather will be decided as soon as possible the day of the game. If games are postponed or changed due to weather, the intramural staff will make every effort to inform the captains and post a message on the bulletin board.

If you are interested in working for the Intramurals Department you can either stop by the Intramurals Office or click the link below for an application.

Application link - click here

Drop off your completed application to the Intramural Office, PE center 153. Applications will be accepted through September 9th. Interviews for positions will be September 10th and 11th.


The intramural program serves the recreational and leisure interest of Frostburg Sate University’s students, staff, and faculty. Our intramural staff takes pride in having a sport, recreational or leisure activity that will appeal to virtually everyone. The intramural department encourages the development of lifelong leisure and recreational habits. Our program includes a variety of intramural activities that include team sports such as softball, soccer, basketball, and volleyball.