Frostburg State Athletics Mission Statement

Frostburg State University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

The goal of all education is to enable one to live an enriched and abundant life. The Athletic program of Frostburg State University has objectives that are more definite and specific than this aim, and through these objectives, the ultimate goal is brought nearer to realization. The entire program is comprised of a variety of physical activity offerings made by the Department of Athletics.

The objectives of the Athletic program include the following:

  1. Physical Development - The value of this objective is based on the fact that an individual will be more active, have better performance and be healthier if the organic systems of the body are adequately developed and functioning properly.

  2. Motor Development - This objective is concerned with making physical movement useful and, with as little expenditure of energy as possible, being proficient, graceful and aesthetic in this movement.

  3. Mental Development - This objective deals with the accumulation of a body of knowledge and the ability to think critically and interpret this knowledge.

  4. Social Development - This objective is concerned with helping an individual to make personal adjustments, group adjustments and, thereby, adjustments as a member of society.

  5. Character Development - This objective deals with the development of the emotional control inherent in the rules and codes of conduct to which individuals must adhere in order to demonstrate the principles of fair play, sportsmanship and team spirit.

Intercollegiate athletics offer a more advanced experience for students than is possible in the physical education, intramural, recreation or club programs. Specifically, intercollegiate athletic programs allow highly proficient students to attain greater measures of physical fitness and motor skills than is possible in the other programs. These select individuals should already be highly motivated; consequently, they have a greater potential for attaining the physical, mental, social and character development objectives of the program.

The athletic philosophy at Frostburg State University is formulated so as to be consistent with the broad educational objectives of the institution as outlined in the University catalog and of the state and national bodies by whose mandates, policies and principles we are governed. The basic program goals emanating from this philosophy are as follows:

  1. Intercollegiate athletics should include a broad-based schedule of sports offerings consistent with the institutional ability and resources to offer and support these offerings at a quality level.

    The following objectives serve as guiding principles in the conduct of our program:
a. To complement and supplement the objectives of the Department and those of the University.

b. To place the welfare of the participants above any other consideration.

c. To foster the development of physical fitness and advanced sport skills.

d. To foster the concept of self-awareness through participation.

e. To carry forth an athletic program within the policies of a concerned and active committee on athletics.

f. To provide qualified persons who, by training and experience, are specialists in their area of athletics and who meet the same standards of competence as other members of the faculty.

g. To provide continuous medical supervision for all aspects of the program.

h. To provide officiating of such quality that contests are played under conditions which will insure the educational outcomes implicit in the rules and in the best tradition of the amateur status of collegiate athletic events.

i. To provide a continuous program of school-community relations designed to emphasize the educational, health, social and recreational values of competitive sports as integral parts of the educational curriculum.

j. To provide facilities and equipment for the program that conform to all aspects of the official rules of the game, promote optimum health and safety standards, and are sufficient in number and kind to service our sport offerings.

k. To foster emotional control, good sportsmanship, school spirit and team and university loyalty and for players, coaches and spectators to view these as important factors in the execution of our entire intercollegiate program.

l. To develop intercollegiate sport schedules so that individual athletes and teams are able to compete against opponents having similar competitive emphasis and having geographical locations within a reasonable travel distance.
  1. Although the primary purpose is to serve the student body through direct and active athletic participation, the athletic program also wishes to provide an opportunity for students, faculty, staff and the general public to witness and enjoy quality intercollegiate athletic competition.